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Instagrammable Belfast: Town Square.

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Instagrammable Belfast; 

- Locations across the city of Belfast that are worthy of a visit and an Instagram snap or two.

If there's one thing that I just can't help but to have a major soft spot for, it's an aesthetically pleasing cafe that you can pay a visit to for a tasty brunch on a chilled-out Sunday mid-morning. Lo and behold, tucked neatly into the heart of the Botanic area of Belfast, is Town Square - and oh my, it certainly ticks every single one of those dreamy boxes.

In recent years, Belfast has been experiencing a much-need food revolution. New and exciting cafes, restaurants and bars all bursting with modernised, quirky personalities have been popping up in the scene in every direction. Although it's difficult to decide where to start, Town Square has been particularly prominent on my radar. With rave reviews and a beautiful brand Instagram feed to boot, I knew I couldn't leave it much longer to pay my (albeit well-overdue) first visit.

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On a recent sun-soaked Sunday morning, Adam and I finally decided to pay our first visit to Town Square for brunch. As you step inside, you are immediately greeted with an incredibly warm and welcoming atmosphere. The cosy interiors are injected with a bunch of heart-warming personal touches, including quirky light bulbs, books on shelves and greenery on each table. It also has a casually open layout, giving it a very chilled-out feel. It would be the ideal place to pop in early on a morning, grab a hot drink and set up with your laptop somewhere in the corner to get some work done.

With a mix of healthy options as well as good old Belfast food, you're pretty much guaranteed to find something tasty on the menu. For brunch, Adam opted for the avocado toast with a poached egg, whereas I absolutely couldn't resist a delicious pancake stack. It tasted incredible, in fact, I'm sure both of us could have went for round two. Now of course, we couldn't pay a visit to the cafe with Belfast's best authentic coffee without giving it a try. Sadly, I'm not a coffee drinker myself (boy oh boy, I wish I was) but Adam gave it a taste and didn't hesitate to give it a wholehearted thumbs up.

As well as serving tasty breakfast foods, Town Square also serves lunch and dinner, as well as doubling as bar. They have an array of craft beers and cocktails on offer - which just makes for a dozen more reasons to go back as soon as I possibly can. And let's not forget; complete with marble-patterned table-tops, little pots of greenery on each table, pretty latte art and stunning interiors - it would basically be a sin not to post a photo of this place on Instagram.

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Tell me some of your favourite local cafes?

Katy Belle.
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