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It's Okay To Need A Break.

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Never underestimate the importance of taking a break.

Recently, I took a little bit of an unplanned hiatus from blogging (one of my recent posts details exactly what the hell happened). And here's the thing: although I was well aware of how much I wholeheartedly needed that break, I found it difficult to ignore that niggling feeling of guilt that told me I really should be pouring every single spare second into my passions if I ever hoped to reach my goals and achieve all of the things I want to achieve. Sigh.

But honestly, the frazzle was oh-so real and I needed to take that step back for my own freakin' sanity. Because alongside everything I talked about in the aforementioned recent blog post, I was at a point where I had just really burnt myself out and I was bloody exhausted. Now don't get me wrong; I love to keep myself busy. I love to be productive, I absolutely adore what I do. But when it gets to the point where I've come home from a long day at work and I'm staring at a blank page for hours and hours on end, my eyes welling up with tears of frustration because of all of this unnecessary self-imposed pressure - it becomes pretty clear that it's time to shut the laptop and taking a f*cking break.

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I get it, I get it; being busy is strangely addictive. It makes us feel like we've finally nailed this whole 'adulting' thing. Not to mention the fact that society is obsessed with busyness. Because let's face it, we love to remind people that we're busy. It's like if you're busy, you're automatically important, right? It's on trend to be the busiest girl boss you can be, slaying every opportunity that comes your way. Taking a break from it all? Not so cool, apparently. You suddenly feel like you're falling behind everyone else. (You're not important anymore! You'll never accomplish anything! You're a failure!)

That's literally how my thought process goes as soon as I give myself even the smallest of breaks. And if you're the same; for god's sake, we need to stop right there. Of course it's a good thing to be productive and to be building your career, reaching your goals, or working on something - but being busy and constantly switched on isn't the be all and end all of everything. And (do I even need to say it?) especially not when it starts to negatively effect you mentally and physically.

When I get too caught up in working my arse off and keeping myself busy I neglect everything else, from my relationships, to my other interests, to my own self. Which inevitably only makes a stressful situation ten times more stressful, and I'm suddenly burning myself out at both ends to absolutely no avail. I get so mentally and physically tired that my motivation starts to take a drastic nosedive, too. But I keep working, I keep plodding on, I'm just so busy...

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You'll be more angry at yourself for producing poor work.

Let's put it into perspective for a quick second; surely producing work that is of a lower quality because you're exhausted is much worse than taking a few days off to breathe, self-care and refresh your thoughts? Right? Right! Churning out work that you're not wholeheartedly happy with might fill the gap and get things out of the way for now, but when you look back on it later on, you might wish you did things differently. I've certainly been there once or twice before.

And so, here's a reminder from me to you (and from me to me): it's okay to need a break every now and again (or as often as you feel like you might need one). There's absolutely nothing wrong with pressing the pause button and taking some time out for yourself. It doesn't make you a failure, it doesn't mean you aren't going to eventually smash every single one of your goals (because you will). It just means that you can take some time out for yourself, you can spend some time nurturing your relationships and most importantly of all, you bounce back better than ever. From here on out, let's make a promise to ourselves to make more of a conscious effort to take an occasional step back and freakin' breathe.

And not feel even a little bit guilty about it.

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What are your favourite ways to switch off?

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