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6 Things I Regret Buying, TBH.

6 things i totally regret buying tbh personal humour

Disclaimer: this post is inspired by this hilarious Man Repeller article because I. FREAKIN'. RELATE.

I have a confession to make: I am, what they call, an impulse buyer. Like, I'm actually genuinely concerned that I have a spending problem. But, okay, I'll give myself some credit; I've gotten a little better at curbing my spending habits over the years. Alas, there are still times where my impulse control hops right on out the window and I'm left with nothing but regret. To illustrate this, here's a list of some really pointless shit I've bought, yet still somehow refused to return.

1. A clear kettle.

Right around the time Adam and I were moving into our home together, I found myself on Snapchat watching a popular blogger show off her latest homeware purchases. One of the items was a gorgeous clear kettle, and I was head over heels in love from the moment she snapped a 5-second video of the boiling water bouncing and bubbling behind the clear casing. Needless to say, I gave in to sheer impulse and bought it almost instantaneously for our new home. Honest thoughts? Aesthetic AF in theory, but an absolute bitch to keep clean. 0/10, not worth the hassle.

2. Books, because they 'look cool'.

I wholeheartedly blame Instagram for this totally embarrassing confession. Yes folks, I literally bought books with my hard-earned money because I thought they looked cool. I thought they would look aesthetic AF in an Instagram flatlay. Did they? Yes. But have I actually read them? You bet your sweet ass I have not. Yes, apparently I am that person.

3. A white faux fur rug.

Again, this purchase was entirely enabled by Instagram and fellow bloggers (which I'm beginning to realise seems to be an unhealthy pattern in my purchase history). Now, don't get me wrong, white faux fur rugs are beautiful and aesthetic; that much is true. But they are, like the aforementioned kettle, a total bitch to keep clean. One day, I was just minding my own business, and I shit you not, a huge spider bolted out from within the depths of the rug. No freakin' thank you.

4. A £24 shampoo.

Now, listen. I understand that professional, salon quality shampoos and conditioners are generally much better for your hair than your standard, run-of-the-mill drugstore options (at least, I think so, I mean, I'm clearly no hair expert). However, this particular £24 bottle of shampoo (a shampoo that cost twenty-four Great British Pounds) left my hair feeling sticky and greasier than before; and made my entire being feel nothing but very deep regret.

5. 'Ordinary World' on DVD.

If you follow me on social media, you'll know that I finally joined the Green Day party (albeit twenty-something years late). As such, my love for Billie Joe Armstrong currently knows no bounds and I thought it would be a really good idea to purchase the DVD copy of his recent film, 'Ordinary World'. Y'all, I love him, I really do. But it's a terrible film. Like, I can't even put into words how bad it is. Billie's acting is actually really great, but the writing. The writing. And I mean, do people even buy DVDs anymore? Is this considered retro on my part? Am I old? Sorry, Billie.

6. A yellow armchair from IKEA.

I love IKEA. I do. Half of the furniture in my house comes from IKEA. However, I feel nothing but regret when I look at our yellow armchair. It's cute and quirky, but practically speaking, it could not be more uncomfortable to sit on. You literally don't want to sit on this thing. There is little difference between sitting on it and sitting on our cold, hard, wooden floor. But we decided to keep it, because as I said, it's cute and quirky. And we sit on the sofa instead...

Do you regret any recent purchases?

Katy Belle.
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