Where I've Been & How I'm Changing How I Blog.


oh, hello again.

If I had a pound for every single time I wrote one of these, "Hello! Remember me? I'm blogging again!" posts, let's just say, I wouldn't have to be counting down the days until my next payday, like I am right at this moment, as I type these words. (T-minus 10 days and 13 hours, just in case you're wondering). Nevertheless, I thought now would be the perfect time to hypothetically sit down with you and catch you up on what's been going down in my life, and explain why I disappeared for a little while.

Things are a little different around here since we last caught up. I've given my site an overdue makeover and honestly, I feel rejuvenated. Whilst I still need to make a few tweaks here and there, I'm already much happier with this space and design. Truth be told, it was a necessary move. Things on my old platform were looking outdated and more than a little lacklustre. It just wasn't me anymore, it didn't motivate me, and it didn't fit with the vision I have for this space going forward. So, here we are.

"But, Katy, where the hell have you been up until now?" I hear you ask. Honestly, that's a question I almost have to stop and ask myself every damn day. The truth is, over the last few months, I had absolutely zero get up and go when it came to all things blogging. My last blog post was published back in February. Shortly after, my motivation came crashing down around me. I kept up with the 'gram (as much as I could), and I was still sending out my monthly newsletter (which you can sign up to right here), but blogging was a no-go. If I wasn't sleeping, I was working. If I wasn't working, I was sleeping. The abundance of creative ideas that I had inside my head stayed whirling around my brain with no chance to escape because I was just so tired, and the mental capacity to bring my ideas to life was completely non-existent.






where i've been.

Though, don't get me wrong, my absence from blogging wasn't total doom and gloom. Aside from the working too much thing, and the stressing about work too much thing, and the trying but failing to get a full night's sleep thing, as well as a few other hiccups along the way - things have been going pretty good in my life recently. I got more tattoos (three, to be precise, you can see them on the 'gram), I've been spending a lot more quality time with Adam (he's nice) and some of my best pals (who are all, also, very nice), and I've been working really hard on myself, too. I joined the gym with my best friend (the most supportive, most brilliant friend I could ever ask for) and, perhaps most importantly of all, I've been taking every opportunity to nurture my mental health (which, honestly, hadn't been doing so good, but I'm doing better).

In a way, I guess, all of this explains why I've been more than a little bit AWOL since my last post back in February. Though, I've also felt a little disillusioned with the blogging world. It's something that I've felt in the past, but much more so since the beginning of this year. Whilst I did have all of these wonderful, creative ideas floating around in my head, at the very same time, I didn't really feel like anything I had to say had held any value. I also played the dangerous game of comparison and fell short every single time. I wanted to execute my ideas, but I was tired, and I was disillusioned, and so the best option was to simply step back from it all. For a while, at least.


how i'm changing how i blog.

But I'm back, baby, and I'm ready to grab the bull by the horns and really go for it. This time, more so than ever before, I want to have a really good ol' crack at making this whole blogging thing take off. Because, at the end of the day, what's stopping me, really? Apart from myself? And my constant, constant comparison bullshit?

This time around, I'm making a few important changes to how I approach this whole blogging thing, all so that I can make my content the best it has ever been, and so that it works for me. Because if it doesn't work for me, it's just never going to work, right? In the past, I have spent far too much of my time dwelling on self-doubt and any and all negatives that my brain could possibly conjure up. From here on out, I'm throwing that shit in the bin - you have my word. Life is much too short to doubt yourself at each and every turn, not to mention the fact that it sucks the joy out of every little thing that you do. I'm vowing to turn down the pressure by just a few notches. As much as I want to really go for it with my blog, at the same time, I don't want to get so sucked up into it that I forget to enjoy other aspects of my life (which is something I have been completely guilty of in the past). Instead of beating myself up because I've only posted two times a week instead of three, I'm going to take each week as it comes and simply enjoy blogging for what it is; something that I enjoy. Instead of worrying that everyone else is ahead, I'm going to worry about my own damn pace.


So, there you have it. That's just about where I'm at right now. I do hope you'll stick around.

much love, katy.